Changes Settings Universe Andromeda

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    • Changes Settings Universe Andromeda

      Dear OGame Japan players,

      As you know, our exodus universes Hydra, Io, Jupiter and Kassiopeia had different server settings than the target universe, Andromeda.
      For this reason, we checked those settings, and found a middle ground that should suit all players equally.

      Here an overview of those changes:

      ANDROMEDACurrent SettingNew Setting
      Economy speed2x4x
      Fleet speed2x2x
      Alliance Combat SystemONON
      Defense into debris fieldOFFOFF
      Destroyed ships into debris field50%50%
      Additional fields per planet2530
      Deuterium consumption of flying ships100%75%
      Espionage probes cargo capabilities05 units

      These changes will be applied tomorrow, 07 November 2018, around 02:00 PM CET / 10:00 PM JST.
      We hope you will enjoy those changes!

      Your OGame Team