Upcoming Universe Merge

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    • Upcoming Universe Merge

      Dear OGame Japan players!

      We have been working on merges for a while now and we can finally say that we are almost ready for them.
      Keep an eye on the forums, we are going to do the merges in October!
      The exact dates will be published later on, but for now, after some weeks matching servers, we can also tell you which servers are going to be merged.

      Also, keep in mind that for this merge, ALL accounts are going to be merged (no matter if vacation mode or inactive).

      As OGame Japan doesn't have many servers anyways, we decided to merge all existing universes except universe Leo into Andromeda.

      This means:

      108 - Hydra
      109 - Io
      110 - Jupiter
      111 - Kassiopeia

      101 - Andromeda

      We will keep you updated on the matter the moment we have some final information.

      Your OGame Japan Team
    • Dear OGame Japan players!

      I'd like to update you on the merges:
      Phase 1: Target selection starts on Tuesday 16th and runs until Monday 22nd. As all of our universes are merging into Andromeda, OGame Japan is 'skipping' this phase.
      Phase 2: Merge running from Tuesday 23rd until Monday 29th of October.

      Your OGame Japan Team