New Universe - Kassiopeia

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    • New Universe - Kassiopeia


      Dear OGame Japan players,

      Today we would like to inform you that on Monday, 05. February 2018, our new Universe Kassiopeia will start around 22:00 JST (UTC+9) / 14:00 CET (UTC+1)

      The universe will have the following specifications:
      2xFleet speed factor
      5xEconomy speed factor
      (Producing resources, buildings, researches, shipyard)
      50%Destroyed ships into debris field
      40%Debris field for destroyed defense units
      (=> only 70%)
      Deuterium consumption for fleets
      (= 30% less than usual)
      ONEspionage probes will have cargo space

      We hope you will enjoy this new universe and wish all of our players a lot of fun!

      Your OGame Japan Team