New Universe - Io

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    • New Universe - Io


      Dear players,

      Yesterday, 10 years ago, I took over the Japanese OGame community as Community Manager.
      In order to celebrate this, we will start the brand new universe Io today, approximately 2:00 PM / 14:00 CEST (9:00 PM / 21:00 JST, Japan Standard Time) with the following settings:

      • Fleet speed: 3x
      • Economy speed 6x
      • Fleet Deuterium consumption set to only 75% (=> 25% less fuel needed than a regular universe)
      • Higher rate of destroyed ships into debris field: 70%
      • Debris field active for destroyed defense units (15%)
      • Additional +25 bonus fields
      • In total only 5 galaxies
      • 15.000 Dark Matter when you validate your email address
      • Circular galaxy / systems

      I hope you will enjoy the new universe and join me :)